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Code of Conduct

In registering as a Player with Hitchin Belles FC the Parents / Guardians: the Player and the Club agree to the following Code of Conduct.


  • A safe environment in which the Player can learn and develop without fear of abuse
  • Participation in football matches arranged by or approved by the Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League and the Hertfordshire Football Association
  • Trained, screened and qualified coaching staff
  • Facilities as determined by the rules and regulations governing junior football clubs, and of a standard which do not endanger the health and safety of the Player
  • A Code of conduct and Rules for its club
  • A Child Protection policy for its club
  • An undertaking that all times the welfare of the player will be given the highest priority


  • Encourage and help the Player to meet targets, including the Club's Code of Conduct and Rules
  • Support the Player without pressure, praise good performance and refrain from criticising lapses
  • Set a good example for the Player by their behaviour as a spectator at matches
  • Respect the opportunity given to the Player and not approach or permit any other person to approach any other club during the currency of the Players registration except as allowed under the Rules and Regulations of the Hertfordshire Football Association and the Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership League
  • Keep the team manager informed about matters affecting the Player
  • Be supportive of the team manager
  • Adhere to the Club's Code of Conduct and Rules
  • Hitchin Hearts Belles actively encourages non smoking in the presence of girls during training and matches. Parents co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  • Report to training sessions, matches and club activities at the specified times
  • Be smartly presented at all times when representing the club
  • Wear shin pads for training and games
  • Not to wear jewellery (including watches) at training or games
  • No mobile telephones at training or games unless stored in a safe place
  • Not use abusive or bad language
  • Respect the match officials, other players and team manager/coaches.
  • At no time act in such a way as to bring the name of Hitchin Belles FC in disrepute
  • Notify the Club at least 24 hours prior to the activity if the Player is unavailable for selection
  • Provide 100% concentration, energy and dedication
  • Keep a positive and constructive attitude towards other players & team managers / coaches, at training and games