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Learning the technique of passing and applying it in game situations is a necessity for all young players.

Side Foot Pass - Playing the ball along the ground with the inside (or the outside) of the foot is the most widely used pass in the game. This technique is the easiest to learn and simplest to execute. The pass is used in all areas of the field and is effective over distances of 5 to 25 yards.

Position: Body shaped to allow foot to turn out; a slight sitting-back posture to open hips; note arm positions.

Low Drive - The execution of the low instep drive requires good timing and, therefore, much practice. A pass driven along the ground is an effective, quick method of changing play in a game. Low, driven crosses across the face of the opponent's goal are also effective because they are difficult for opponents to counter. The most common and rewarding use for the low drive is when shooting the ball towards the opponent's goal.

Position: Head looking down; body and non-kicking knee flexed over the ball; arms and hands helping to orchestrate the movement.

Lofted Pass
- The lofted pass, when the lower instep of the foot (top of the big toe) is used to hit the underside of the ball, is the most common crossing technique. It can be used effectively in all areas of the field to make aerial passes of over 25 yards.

Position: Body leaning away from the ball to open up the swing for the lofted kick, with full extension of leg and foot; arms loose, balancing the movement.

The Chip
- The chip is a delicate aerial pass, played with the front of the foot (top of the toes) through the underside of the ball. This technique is designed to get the ball in the air quickly and drop it into the target area quickly; the backspin on the ball will also stop the ball quickly.

Position: Body hunched down, with head rounded downwards; arms are pulled down and locked on striking ball to enhance clipped action.