Hitchin Town Belles Under 13

Match Report 2007-2008

Sunday, 17th February 2008

Hitchin Town Belles U13  0 v 5  Garston Ladies U13

Players: Ruby, Helen, Maddy, Tamsin, Chloe, Sophie, Carmen, Kerry, Bethany, Siobhan, Yvette.

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This cup match held the prospect of a exciting and competitive contest - the last time the teams met (in the Herfordshire FA under 13 Challenge Cup in January) the Belles were narrowly beaten by 2 goals to one, and the hope was to improve on that this time around.

The team was missing a number of regular players, but with 11 players to field Nigel was at least spared the extra hassle of thinking about substitutions! The conditions were also fairly difficult - although the sun was out and the air temperature not too chilly by the time of the match, the ground was still thawing, and a very slippery, slick muddy layer covered the frozen-hard earth just benaeth.

The starting lineup saw Bethany in goal; Helen, Chloe, Ruby and Yvette defending; Siobhan, Tamsin, Kerry and Maddy occupying midfield and Sophie and Carmen attacking.

The match got underway and it was clear from the start that this was going to be a very tough fixture. Hitchin found themselves defending most of the time, with just occasional break-outs capitalising on the speed of Carmen and Sophie to worry the Garston defence. Despite their best efforts Hitchin found themselves three goals down at half-time, with no scores of their own to show for the hard work they had been putting in.

For the second half Kerry switched into goal, and the match resumed its familiar pattern. Despite hard work all round, Hitchin conceded another two goals, and again could not quite manage to convert their chances into clear shots on goal.

The final score of five-nil to Garston makes the match sound more one-sided than it really was. Hitchin really deserved to get on the score-sheet, and at least two of the goals they conceded were the result of fairly silly avoidable mistakes. The girls must again reflect on the things they did well in this match, and concentrate in future fixtures on trying to do this throughout the whole match, with no 'momentary distractions'!

Player of the Match: jointly awarded to Chloe and Ruby for really strong defending throughout the match

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Report by John Davey