Hitchin Town Belles Under 13

Match Report 2007-2008

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Sunday, 6th January 2008

Enfield Town U13A  13 v 0  Hitchin Town Belles U13

Players: Ruby, Helen, Jasmine (Captain), Chloe, Sophia, Carmen, Abby, Kerry, Ellie (Goalie), Adrian

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Another visit to Enfield, another occasion where the Belles could not field a full team. This time we again had just 9 players from our squad, with Adrian joining in again to help us even things up a bit. Playing Enfield A was always going to be a tough match, and it certainly was made no easier by the lack of players.

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A blow by blow description of this match might prove a little demotivating, so we will draw a veil over the performance - the summary is simply that we conceded 6 goals in the first half while not scoring any, and went one worse in the second half.

We must focus on the positives in these tough matches, and there were some very good performances all around the field;

Report by John Davey