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Hitchin Hearts Belles Under 10
Match Report 2009 - 2010

Saturday, 20th March 2010

Hitchin Hearts Belles 2 v 1 Watford Ladies

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The Belles were expecting a tough game and were feeling very determined to win it. The excitement was mounting, as the Belles still had a chance to win the league if they won the last three games, and this was one of the three!

Hitchin had kick off, as Sas won the toss with heads.

As soon as the ball moved, we were off! There was a good attack from Emily and Sadie with lots of passing and moving but Sadieís shot just went wide of the near post. We didnít let that stop us though, and Kinnari went straight in, and intercepted the goal kick and passed to Emily. As she was about to cross it into the box, she was tackled and the ball flew high into the air. The keeper obviously knew this was dangerous, and tried to catch it, but Sadie got in first, and achieved the first headed goal of the season! 1-0 to the Belles!

As soon as they kicked off, the Belles were on the attack again, Emily jinking past players on the wing, and Meg and Ursula clearing up anything dangerous at the back. A high, Watford goal kick went straight into the middle of the pitch, but Ursula brilliantly controlled a bouncing ball and knocked it up the wing to Emily. She then tapped it past a defender, and stroked it into the box for Sadie, whose powerful shot was saved fantastically by the goalie. It would have been one of the goals of the season!

Lots more Hitchin pressure forced a number of corners, but still no second goal. Suddenly, a huge clearance by the Watford goalie, found its way into our box. The ball bounced awkwardly to a Watford attacker, who shot, and despite a fantastic dive by Nicole, the ball dribbled in off the inside of the post. 1-1, and now the pressure was on.

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Sadie lets fly!Meg keeping Nicole safe in goal

Half time: 1-1

My dad, who was coaching for the day, waffled on about some rubbish that none of us could understand, but Tim and Sat-Nav stepped in, and saved the day with some good advice!

Watford had kick off. It was quite even, but the Belles were on the attack with pressure from an early corner. Then, another goal kick from Watford got the defence on the move. Meg, Ursula, Jess and Nicole, dealt with it brilliantly and cleared the ball to the attackers, once again. It got through to Sasa. A mazy run right through the middle of the pitch was followed by an amazingly powerful shot, which was spectacularly saved by the fearless goalie!

After another Belles attack, where Sadieís shot went just wide of the far post, and Jess was creating pressure and options for backward pass, we started wondering if the worst was going to happen. We needed that second goal.....and then it came!

It was caused mainly by Kinnariís pressure on their defence. She single-handedly forced a mistake by the Watford players and ran to the far right of the box. Emily was there in the middle, and was indicating for Kinnari to go for goal. She shot past the advancing goalie, and put the ball into the corner of the net. 2-1 to the Belles!

Sasa, Ciara and Meg were making some match-saving tackles and whenever they could, putting the ball through to the attackers, who were forcing the Watford players to defend brilliantly too.

One final push from the Watford team for an equaliser was stopped in its tracks by Ciara and Sasa. Finally, the whistle blew to end the game.




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Smiles all round!Kinnari battles for posession

Team: Jess, Ciara, Ursula, Nicole, Sadie, Meg (the wall), Sasa, Kinnari and Emily

Player of the Game: This was a really close call because everyone played very well. Sadieís headed goal and Ursulaís amazing play were very impressive. But in the end, for a huge effort, great pressure and for the winning goal, the vote went to Kinnari this week. Brilliant, Kinnari!

Report by: Emily Ilott