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Hitchin Hearts Belles Under 9
Match Report 2009 - 2010

Saturday, 30th January 2010

Garston Ladies Mets 4 v 2 Hitchin Hearts Belles

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It was the first game in 2010 because of the bad weather. We only had the bare five so we had to work hard as a team.

1st Quarter- 0-0

The Belles got off to a really good start and we had most of the possession with Rosie and Katie trying to get past the Garston defence. Cleo and Tashai made some excellent tackles to keep Zhane’s goal safe.

2nd Quarter- 0-1

The second quarter started off the same as the first ended, then suddenly the Belles fell asleep to allow Garston to take a quick throw-in and score past a helpless Zhane.

3rd Quarter 0-2

Garston used their 3 substitutes against a tired Belles and began to created more chances. Eventually Trixie from Garston scored 2 amazing goals both right in the corner giving Rosie no chance of saving them.

4th Quarter 2-1

During the break Simon and Greg asked us to play the best ten minutes of our lives and we really did.

The 5 Belles players, ran faster, tackled harder and worked for each other more than ever. Cleo made a strong tackle on the half way line that was a kind of pass / shot which went in the goal.

Straight after the kick off, Tashai dribbled past 2 Garston players and aimed for the goal, the ball shot right through the goalies legs and went it like a bullet.

It was now 2-3 and Garston started to panic. In the last minute Katie found Zhane with a lightening pass which proved too hard for Zhane to control and score and the game ended 4-2 to Garston.

Well done to everyone for playing with only 5 players!

Team: Zhane, Tashai, Cleo, Katie, Rosie

Player of the Game: Cleo – chosen by the Garston Managers

Report by: Rosie O’Leary