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Hitchin Town Belles Under 12


Match Report 2006-2007


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Under 12 Team Photo Sunday 18th March 2007


Sunday, 18 March 2007

Hitchin Town Belles U12  1 v 1  Enfield Town Ladies U12 B

Home Counties Girls Football League; U12 Division 2


Players: Bethan, Ruby, Christie (captain), Helen, Maddy, Jasmine, Tamsin, Abby, Bethany, Sophie, Siobhan, Yvette, Carmen.


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Losing the toss Hitchin found themselves playing the first half of this match into the very strong wind. With the elements against them, and Enfield throwing everything into attack, Hitchin found the opening period pretty hard going. A few notable absences from the team for the day meant that quite a few of the girls were playing out of their normal positions, and this further complicated matters. A fair amount of positional uncertainty resulting in Hitchin players getting in eachothers way as often as helping eachother really made the going tough to start with. Gradually the Hitchin team sorted themselves out a bit more, with Carmen and Tamsin getting on top of their positions in central defence, and Maddy, Helen and Sophie working hard in midfield. After a lot of pressure from the start, and with the ball hardly having visited the other half of pitch, the Enfield pressure paid off just over 10 minutes into the game. One of the Enfield attackers grasped an opportunity to run with the ball at the Hitchin defence, which just seemed to give way in front of her, leaving her alone in front of goal. Christie came out to try to close down the shot, but the Enfield player calmly played the ball across the front of the goal into the far corner, giving Christie no chance to save.


Midfield battling; Click to expand Taking a rest; Click to expand

Midfield battling

The opposition taking a rest


Hitchin responded well to the goal, all the players stuck to their tasks and as the half went on the team seemed to be coping with the conditions better. Jasmine had not seen much of the ball in her attacking position, but proved eager to drop back and get involved in the midfield scrap, and Abby and Ruby showed real determination in their roles as wide defenders. So the first half ended with just one goal separating the teams, and Hitchin could look forward to playing with the advantage of the wind at their backs in the second half.


With the wind; Click to expand Taking a shot; Click to expand

Playing with the wind in 2nd half

Take that shot


For the second half the Hitchin team re-organised again. Bethany took over the goalie's top from Christie, Helen and Jasmine switched to a defensive role and Carmen and Tamsin moved up front. Siobhan and Yvette both took a turn fighting it out in midfield, and Bethan continued in her role of roughing up the opposition defenders.


The complexion of the match had changed completely with the switch of ends - now Hitchin clearly had the upper hand, and pressured the Enfield goal from the start. After just 5 minutes the good work paid off and Bethan snatched a goal while your reporter wasn't watching - no blow-by-blow account, but we know she scored because Phil said so! The chances were now coming thick and fast, many of them falling to Bethan. Enfield were finding it difficult to clear their own area - twice we saw close chances fall to Hitchin from quickly returned goal kicks. Tamsin had a very nice attempt on goal with a looping high ball intended to fly over the goalie and into the net - sadly only the first part of the plan was accomplished. Around this time Abby was injured as she took a strongly hit ball to the face - after a short period on the sidelines she showed her strength and committment by coming back on towards the end of the half.


Despite the overall dominance by Hitchin in the second half, Enfield did make some chances, and in particular they had a short passage of play of about 5 minutes which saw them come very close to scoring on two occasions, only some excellent play from Bethany in goal saving Hitchin from conceding another goal. As the half drew towards its end the draw seemed more and more a fair reflection of the match - each team had had its period on top, but overall there was no clear winner. So the match ended 1-1 - an honourable draw and one which both teams can feel pleased with in the very adverse conditions.


Player of the match; Click to expand Christie and Ruby; Click to expand

Player of the match: Bethan for hard work throughout - and some very near misses!.

Christie just wanted her photo on the web! Ruby joins in.


Report by John Davey.